Walking With a Ghost

By Anthony Paull Dating Diet There's a time in every adult man's life when he realizes he's no longer a kid. For me, it occurred while hanging out at a theme park without a kid [...]

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Dill-Infused Vodka

By Ed Sikov Cocktail Chatter It began innocently enough. But like so many of life's little catastrophes, my attempt to serve something a bit unusual took a sudden and unexpected dive, and the whole evening [...]

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OUTFest Celebration Returns To Braun Court

ANN ARBOR - The 18th OUTFest returns to Ann Arbor's history Kerrytown District Saturday, Sept. 29 with a multiplicity of activities and entertainment for LGBT and allied community of Washtenaw. This annual celebration begins in [...]

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Detroit Design Festival Returns Sept. 19-23

DETROIT - Detroit's top and emerging design talent will be put on display at the second annual Detroit Design Festival (DDF), Sept. 19-23, along downtown Detroit's Woodward and Creative Corridors and in select locations across [...]

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Trust erotic instincts, Virgo!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Mercury is lord of the zodiac now, but he's in bad aspect. Reign in ego and criticism. Venus in Leo aspecting the outer planets is challenging us all to innovative [...]

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Famous Homophobes

Across 1 Shakespearean "shucks" 6 Do-overs for Billie Jean 10 Bean and Burke waved theirs around 14 San Vicente of gossip 15 Island of Diamond Head Beach 16 Black and white sandwich 17 Office employee [...]

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Graveyard Humor At The Abreact

By John Quinn We Irish, descended from kings, are known for our poets, playwrights and our unshakable humility. We're also known for throwing a helluva party. Thus it is fitting that The Abreact celebrates its [...]

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Transgender Health Fair Coming Up

FERNDALE - As cultural acceptance grows for people across the transgender spectrum, so does the need for information and access to healthcare. That's why Transgender Michigan is hosting the third annual Transgender Health Fair on [...]

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Hungry4Equality: Week 6

"I think it's absurd that I can be the hardest working and most productive employee, yet still be fired based on my sexuality when it has absolutely nothing to do with my work or ability [...]

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Bryan Fischer

Creep of the Week Happy One Year Anniversary of the Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal, everybody. Well, not happy for everyone, I suppose. There are still plenty of anti-gay bigots out there unhappy about the [...]

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Endorsements on the Voter’s Guide

Back to the Voter's Guide LGBT Rights Between The Lines Equality Michigan/Pride PAChttp://eqmipridepac.com/ Lansing Association for Human Rightshttp://lahronline.org/Articles/CandidatesAug2012.htm Kalamazoo Alliance for Equalityhttp://www.kalamazooalliance.org/category/endoresements/ Women's Rights National Organization for Women (NOW)http://www.nowpacs.org/2012/federal.html#MIhttp://www.michnow.org/release_2012endorsements073012.pdf Planned Parenthood National Abortion Rights Action [...]

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