Homemade ‘Smoked’ Salmon

By Ed Sikov Cocktail Chatter This week's column is about how a single great hors d'oeuvre can elevate an easy dinner party into something truly special. The most common mistake hosts make is trying too [...]

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Aisha’s Got Your Back

By Andrea Poteet Whether she's dishing with the ladies on the daytime chat show "The Talk," lending her voice to sarcastic superspy Lana Kane on the FX animated series "Archer" or musing about video games, [...]

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Don’t worry, Cancer!

By Jack Fertig Q Scopes Venus in Virgo and Mercury in Scorpio are in a long sextile now aspecting Pluto and Uranus, bringing shrewd insight to social and political problems. Pay close attention to the [...]

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New HIV Program Tests Couples Together

DETROIT - AIDS Partnership Michigan announced Testing Together, a new HIV testing and counseling service for male couples/sexual partners. Testing Together, provides an opportunity for male couples/sexual partners to get tested for HIV together and [...]

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Hungry4Equality: Week 9

Day 64 "Education and awareness is key. When they understand that we aren't out to change their world, that we have no secret agenda to "turn anyone they love gay or whatever", that we simply [...]

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Throw The Bums Out

By Amy Hunter Viewpoint Two years ago this November, the American electorate performed a well practiced act of self-immolation. They stayed home from the polls, and even worse, voted against our collective interest by simply [...]

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Five reasons to stay awake Nov. 6

By Lisa Keen Anti-gay activists opposing marriage equality for same-sex couples are counting in fives. They're distributing videotapes to pastors laying out a five-step plan-of-action for each church. They're distributing another video offering five reasons [...]

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Town Hall, Election Training Event Saturday

FERNDALE- Affirmations Community Center and Equality Michigan have spent the last several months mobilizing pro-LGBT communities in southeastern Michigan, fostering civic engagement and building momentum crucial for the upcoming election. On Saturday, Oct. 13 beginning [...]

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