The Watermelon

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By Ed Sikov Cocktail Chatter We were closing down the beach house for the winter. I was in a piss-poor mood and so was Dan, and neither of us was behaving with any degree of [...]

90 Years And Still Going Strong

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By Dana Casadei BIRMINGHAM - In 1923 the first issue of Time magazine was published and Yankee stadium opened its doors. The roaring '20s were in full swing and an idea formed in 1922 became [...]

Another Day The Music Died

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Across 1 Pull out your shooter 5 Early sitcom star Desi 10 Tallulah Bankhead's home st. 14 Elton John Broadway musical 15 TEa of "Fun with Dick and Jane" 16 Skater's feat 17 Nine inches [...]

Back For The Good

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By ANDREA POTEET DETROIT - A well-worn saying reminds us that time away from something we love can help strengthen our love for it. For Roland Leggett, absence from Michigan not only made him fonder [...]

SVSU Student Group Organizes Fagbug Event

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SAGINAW - Speaking Out Load, Saginaw Valley State University's LGBT advocacy student organization brings Erin Davies and her fagbug to its campus Nov. 13. On the 11th annual National Day of Silence, Davies was victim [...]

It Did, In Fact, Get Better

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By Jerome Stuart Nichols Dexter - When you're a gay teen in a midwestern village of a little more than 4,000, things can be tough. But in a post "It Gets Better" world, the experience [...]

‘Dedicated” To Making A Difference

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By Jerome Stuart Nichols ANN ARBOR - Just like everyone else - teenagers are capable of a great many positive things when given the right tools. With the all-inclusive L3C learning/community service organization Dedicated to [...]

Prolific Alexander Demos Again at DIA

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by Staff Writer "If a certain culturally insensitive philistine and aesthetic dullard, who says he will cut spending to PBS and the arts, is elected president of this country, I may, out of protest, never, [...]

Mitt Romney

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Creep of the Week Election Day is fast approaching and for lesbian and gay Americans the choice for president is stark. Now, I know that there are gays and lesbians who are going to vote [...]


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Opinion By Amy Hunter "The Romney & Co. strategy is crystal clear: Make it up as you go along. Take advantage of any opportunity to sell yourself in any way necessary simply to seem acceptable. [...]

Moving Michigan Forward Nov. 6

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- "All men are created equal. No matter how hard you try, you can never erase those words." - Harvey Milk On Tuesday, citizens in Michigan will go to the polls and exercise their right [...]