Cumming Between Family

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By Lawrence Ferber Set in the late 1970s, "Any Day Now" stars Alan Cumming as a drag performer, Rudy, who forms an unconventional family unit with Paul (Garrett Dillahunt), a closeted employee of the D.A.'s [...]

Here Comes John Waters

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By Andrea Poteet For four decades, reigning "Pope of Trash" John Waters has pushed boundaries with campy classic films, art and books. So one shouldn't expect the man who filmed drag legend Divine eating dog [...]

Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente Matthew McConaughey Photo: D Films Matthew McConaughey joins 'The Dallas Buyers Club' Maybe you've seen photos of recent public appearances by actors Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto and wondered why [...]

When Will Housing Prices Rebound?

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Opinion by Jeff Hammerberg For those of you homeowners looking into selling a home, the first question to ask yourself is when will home prices bounce back? - If it ever truly can. Depending on [...]

Look Out, Dan White

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Across 1 It can give a man legs like a lady 5 "My ___ Lady" 9 Farmer's tool 13 Like Hawaiian shirts 14 Voice in a loft 15 Straddled a stallion 16 Start of a [...]

Hawaii’s Big Island

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By Andrew Collins The view from the Lava Lava Beach Club cottages, on the Big Island's Kohala Coast. Photo: Andrew Collins Out of Town Roughly twice the size of the rest of Hawaii's islands [...]

Fenton Teen Takes Own Life

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By BTL Staff Just two months after telling his mom he was gay, a 17-year-old Fenton boy has taken his own life, according to a Flint Journal report. His mother told the paper that bullying [...]

Bernard McGuirk

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Creep Of The Week December is upon us, dear readers. The halls are getting decked, gay apparel is being donned, people are striking harps and joining choruses, and a certain jolly bear of a man [...]

Gender Identity Is Not A Disorder

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By Kathleen LaTosch Viewpoint On Dec. 3 the American Psychology Association announced that it is replacing "Gender Identity Disorder" with the more neutral and less-stigmatizing title, "gender dysphoria" in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of [...]

Big Win In Lansing

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LANSING - At 4:30 a.m. Dec. 14 it was official - the Michigan legislature did not hold final votes on House Bills 5763 and 5764, which would have allowed adoption agencies to discriminate based on [...]