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Gayby Making

There are lots of ways to have a baby if you're a gay man who wants one with his platonic girlfriend. Surrogacy is one option. You could adopt. Maybe even go the donor insemination route. [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Viggo Mortensen & Kirsten Dunst are 'The Two Faces of January' Eventually they'll run out of Patricia Highsmith books to adapt into films, but until that day, the late bisexual author's [...]

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Takei Home Pay

Across 1 Word used to stop seamen 6 Biters of Caesar's girlfriend 10 "Now!" in a hospital 14 Oscar winner Marisa 15 "Starting Over" bisexual 16 Frau's spouse 17 Condom size claimed by most 19 [...]

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Media Forum To Address LGBT Visibility

YPSILANTI - Eastern Michigan University's Center for the Study of Equality and Human Rights presents a public forum entitled "Media LGBT Visibility Forum: The Changing Landscape of Representation and Equality" on March 11. "This forum [...]

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Redefining Success

By Andrea Poteet BTL Photo: Andrew Potter "I don't think a success story is just because your pockets are full," Angelo Brown says in his cheerful tone. "I think a success story is because [...]

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What Is Your Legacy?

By Lindsey Rossow-Rood and Henry Grix It's that time of year again when many of us are rushing to make our year-end donations to our favorite charities. By sending in a check or making an [...]

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Young LGBT Leaders Of Color

This video is not available in your browser. Kirsten Ussery Meet Kirsten Ussery: She has worked on behalf of LBGT children in the Detroit Public Schools and her leadership in the lesbian women of color [...]

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‘The Grinch’ In Detroit

By Martin F. Kohn Stefan Karl as The Grinch with Brooke Lynn Boyd as Cindy-Lou Who. Photo: paparazzibyappointment.com With songs that vanish from memory even as they're being sung, an ensemble garbed in reds, [...]

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