You Gotta Have Faith

Few artists these days have what people like to call "the voice." Paloma Faith has it - a force of nature so strong that it could lift the whole world up with just one note. [...]

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Giant Star

Across 1 With 54-Across, movie of 38-Across 6 With 9-Across, costar in this puzzle's movie 9 See 6-Across 14 "Scary Movie" Cheri 15 "Double Fantasy" artist 16 Fred's first partner 17 Empathetic phrase 18 "___ [...]

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James Dobson

Creep of the Week To say that the horrific murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut Dec. 14 stunned the nation is an understatement. And in the face of horror people want to [...]

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Pope Benedict XVI

Creep of the Week There are a lot of things that threaten world peace: The ready availability of assault rifles. The Military Industrial Complex. Terrorism. Chemical weapons. Nuclear arms. Global warming. Religious intolerance. Greed. Power [...]

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No More Business As Usual

We have a crisis in the gay/bi/men who have sex with men community. This crisis is particularly clear among our youth, 13-24. HIV is not gone, and in fact has become a generational legacy. While [...]

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What’s Left to Argue

By John Corvino A couple of years ago I was chatting with a gay literary agent in a downtown Manhattan cafe. Our conversation turned to the book I was working on, Debating Same-Sex Marriage. "Debating [...]

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On the Road Towards Equality, Peace

By Jim Toy We're the further down the road to justice than we've ever been. President Obama and Vice President Biden have declared their support for legal same-sex marriage. Voters in two states have approved [...]

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It All Starts With The Kids

By Charles Pugh 2012 has been a historic and transformative year in many ways in terms of LGBT rights, especially on the national level with several states either securing marriage equality rights or defeating marriage [...]

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Folds of Fabric

By Anthony Wagner It was early on a warm September Sunday. I stood with a friend at the perimeter of a large square of concrete blocked by a low, temporary fence. The sun just began [...]

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Gay Detroit: A Message From The Ground

Opinion By Curtis Lipscomb Recently there was an article released by CBS Detroit News headlined: "Survey: Detroit Most Dangerous U.S. City for Gays" (Dec. 5, 2012). There were accusations factored into this ideology stating that [...]

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Victory Looks Different In State

Opinion By Emily Dievendorf Sometimes it's the winning that knocks you on your arse. The 2012 election made clear, with the election of our first out lesbian U.S. Senator in Tammy Baldwin and our first [...]

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Past As Prologue

This year, 2013, marks the 59th year I have been an active participant in Detroit's lesbian/gay community - now the proverbial L/GBTQA gourmet alphabet soup. Like my senior citizen friends - Jim Toy, John Kavanaugh, [...]

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This Is Our Time In Michigan

By Jon Hoadley Lansing isn't working for us. Over the last few years we've seen amazing advances for LGBT people. Support for marriage equality has increased across the country, even to the point of winning [...]

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A Year Of Promise Ahead

By Rachel Crandall The coming year shows a lot of promise for the transgender community. Our visibility has increased much over the last year. However, there is still one thing that we are missing. A [...]

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High Court Momentum’s Impact

By Jay Kaplan When I look at the current state of Michigan, particularly after this recent lame duck session, I am demoralized and saddened by what this state has become. In addition to the so [...]

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What Am I Optimistic About?

By Kathleen LaTosch There's no doubt that Michigan has suffered in recent years with a slow, downhill slide when it comes to protecting the rights of LGBT people. That's why this presidential election was so [...]

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