Food For Thought

People don't talk about Royal Oak's Café Muse without mentioning the grilled cheese: the way the three-cheese blend - havarti, fontina and mozzarella - melts into a savory mix of basil, tomatoes and organic bread, [...]

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Nun of the Above

Across 1 "The Wizard of Oz" dropout Buddy 6 In stitches, to Edith Head 10 Brandy bottle letters 14 Mazda model 15 Dixie Chicks, e.g. 16 Cry after getting the shaft 17 Singer tapped to [...]

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Amway Boycott Growing World Wide

BY Crystal Proxmire Amway owner and President Doug DeVos It isn't enough to spend one's life making millions off the backs of the gullible in a giant multi-level marketing business. One must also then [...]

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Family Support Offers Brighter Future

By Megan Anderson The Burchett Family. Photo courtesy of Terry Johnston Photography It all started with a web search. When Lisa Burchett's son Nick came out to her and her husband John, she conducted [...]

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Education and Advocacy Exhibition Planned

DETROIT KICK The Agency for Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender African Americans will engage colleges, universities and other training institutions that value LGBT culture from across Michigan at The Education & Advocacy Exhibition on Feb. [...]

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Viewpoint: Intersections

by Gwendolyn Ann Smith When we talk about transgender rights we often view this as a singular, monolithic entity, uniquely positioned and separate from everything else. Indeed, this is often the way that transgender activists [...]

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Stay Committed To Fight

Eric W. Rader In the closing days of the Michigan Legislature's lame-duck session, Republicans hastily passed bills to fulfill the right-wing wishes of a small minority of people in our state. Unfortunately, Gov. Rick Snyder [...]

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PFLAG Founder Jeanne Manford Dies

Jeanne Morford at NYC Pride March in 1988. Photo: NYC Pride Guide, Joseph Barna. "Today the world has lost a pioneer - Jeanne Manford, the founder of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians [...]

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