Gay Man Beaten Outside Muskegon Bar

Staff Report MUSKEGON - A 29-year-old Muskegon man was beaten unconscious outside of DJ's Pub and Grill on Henry Street in Muskegon early on the morning of Feb. 3 where he had been singing karoke [...]

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The Pickleback

By Ed Sikov Cocktail Chatter "Are you pregnant?" Dan asked me the other day. "I'm not sure," I said through the chomp of a pickle - my third in so many minutes - "but I [...]

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Rock Out

By Jerome Stuart Nichols Hunter Valentine perform Feb. 7 at The Loving Touch in Ferndale. Photo: Leslie Van Stelten Photography As the queer lead singer of lesbian alt-rock group Hunter Valentine, Kiyomi McCloskey is [...]

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Girl Groups Of The Sixties

Across 1 Problem for a drag queen's hosiery 5 Rock Hudson's "A Farewell to ___ " 9 Dirt clump 13 Jason Lee TV role 14 Lincoln's Johnson 15 Folk history 16 Pink Triangle Press publication [...]

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Cheaters Sometimes Prosper

By John Quinn Andrew Parker, Pete Podolski, Carol Lempert, and Brian P. Sage in The Jewish Ensemble Theatre Company's production of "Photograph 51." Photo: Jan Cartwright As a biology student at U-M, I found [...]

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Avalon Breads Rises To New Heights

Avalon staff members above are among 50 people currently employed at the bakery. The new facilities will add an additional 100 employees. Photo courtesy Avalon Bread DETROIT - Ann Perrault, co-owner and CEO of [...]

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Reflections Of Dis-Repair

Reparative therapy is the idea that one can become straight through counseling and prayer. This practice has been recently banned for minors in California, and a New Jersey lawsuit filed last month is seeking damages [...]

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Danny Windsor Dies At 87

By Tim Retzloff MUSKEGON - Danny Windsor, a world-traveled entertainer and emcee at gay night spots in Detroit in the 1960s and purportedly a flying monkey in the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, [...]

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Terry Jones

Creep of the Week Hey are you pissed that President Obama has been all nice-nice with the gays lately? Then you should totally set him on fire. Or at least a life-size Obama doll strung [...]

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Is The Constitution Passe?

By Abby Dees Thinking Out Loud Despite my radical spirit, my committed feminism and deep distrust of old establishments, after I went to law school I became a fawning, dorky fan of the U.S. Constitution. [...]

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Time For Dedicated Action

By Eric Radar Viewpoint President Obama made history last week when he proclaimed his support for LGBT equality in his second inaugural address. Never before in American history has a president declared support for gay [...]

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