The Lollipop Kid

By Anthony Paull Dating Diet "We need to stop at the Sugar Shop," I tell Greg. Meeting in Vegas for the weekend, we're ready for a night of dancing and debauchery when he reveals that [...]

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The Bitter Orange

By Ed Sikov Cocktail Chatter "What about 'The Burnt Orange?'" Dan was trying to be helpful, but I bit his head off. "That's the ugliest Crayola color ever!" I shouted. "Readers will think I'm either [...]

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Out In The Field

Across 1 Package container? 4 Start of an online view 8 Addis ___, Ethiopia 13 Early AIDS play 15 Jordanian queen 16 Puts to sleep 17 Garr of "Tootsie" 18 Adjust the guitar strings 19 [...]

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Zach Wahls On Being A Queer Spawn

By Dawn Wolfe Zach Wahls with his family at last fall's HRC National Dinner in Washington, D.C. DEARBORN - On Jan. 31, 2011, a nineteen-year-old college engineering student stood up for his moms when [...]

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We Cannot Be Quiet

By Megan Anderson Brad Allison. Photo courtesy of Morgan Paul Photography. Brad Allison, 45, has spent the last year thinking about leaving his home in West Michigan and migrating to Canada or moving to [...]

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History In The High Court

By Lisa Keen How strong a position did the Obama administration take in its briefs on the Supreme Court marriage cases - and can it make a difference in their ruling? How strong a [...]

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New Film Spotlights Religious Intolerance

by Chuck Colbert Andy Abrahams Wilson, founder and president of Sausalito, California-based Open Eye Pictures. What's it going to take for the Vatican to change its hardline doctrine against homosexuality? Whomever the College of [...]

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Other People’s Politics

By Abby Dees Thinking Out Loud Having friends who don't share your political views is very inconvenient. It requires you to think in terms of individuals, rather than lump everyone you disagree with into a [...]

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Like most Iowa boys, Jarod Bormann grew up on a wrestling mat. That's the unofficial state sport - the University of Iowa has won 23 national championships, with Iowa State University adding eight more - [...]

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