Homophobia On The Force

By Bridgette M. Redman FERNDALE - Not all actors are gay, but it doesn't stop some people from thinking so. Playwright and actor Patrick Moug has spent 25 years as a police officer. It's the [...]

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Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

by Andrew Collins Out of Town The unofficial gay and lesbian summer beach resort of the Mid-Atlantic states, charming Rehoboth Beach is situated along a sweeping, sandy stretch of the Delaware shore that's within a [...]

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Mommy Issues

Shawanda and Janet Nichols were legally married in California five years ago. They moved from Arizona to Michigan four years ago to live in Saline, and they now have two children; four year old Jack [...]

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Michigan Pride Guide Summer 2013

Ferndale Pride Date: June 1, 2013 Location: 9 Mile and Woodward in Downtown Ferndale Features: ~Two sound stages with a variety of musical performances, including The Cliks, My Pal Val, Cullen Blue and Randy Friess [...]

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Women’s Golf Outing June 1

By Crystal Proxmire In the early 1990s there were not many places where lesbians could get together and have fun without worry about being harassed or outed. That's why the Annual Women's Golf OUTing is [...]

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