Pink Gin

By Ed Sikov Cocktail Chatter Straight gin has such a degenerate reputation that to drink it without mixing in some other ingredient is to invite either derision or an intervention. I have no idea why. [...]

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Gay Marvine: The Disco King

By Christopher J. Treacy Disco aficionado Chuck Hampton (aka Gay Marvine) Photo: Andrew Potter When we talk about trimming fat, normally we're dispensing with it in favor of something leaner and, perhaps, healthier. But [...]

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Woman Seeks Vagina …

By Dawn Wolfe What do an African-American transwoman working as a homeless LGBT youth worker and a 5-year-old "Snotty Boy" who grants wishes for cookies have in common? They're both fictional characters, and both are [...]

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From Bowties To Briefs

By Jerome Stuart Nichols The White Party is a time-honored tradition that celebrates the LGBT community's ability to come together and work for a common goal. And drink, and wear as little clothing as possible. [...]

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The Other Pride Queens

Host Sabin is heading to Motor City Pride, but these other drag performers are set to appear during the first-ever Miss Motor City Pride Pageant, too: Yara Sofia Even if you couldn't understand whatever was [...]

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The Story Of Sabin

By Jerome Stuart Nichols The world of drag is tough. One day you're fierce and the next you're getting smacked in the dressing room by a jealous queen in a bad wig. To survive in [...]

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Straight & Glamorous

By Jerome Stuart Nichols Tunde Olaniran makes it hard to not like him. Equal parts David Bowie and Aaliyah, with a splash of Lauryn Hill and a sprinkling of Kanye West, he's an intoxicating mixture. [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente 'Into The Woods' casting gets ensemble-ier Stephen Sondheim's "Into The Woods" is a big show with a lot of characters. And the film adaptation of this dark, musical fairy tale (to [...]

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South Park Saying

Across 1 "South Park" co-creator Stone 5 Cosby's "I Spy" costar 9 Crack the whip at, e.g. 13 Precollege ed 14 First shepherd 15 Club for Spencer-Devlin 16 Supporter of two plastic brides 17 Mall [...]

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A Tale Of Two Coming-Out Stories

By Dan Woog The OutField When Jason Collins came out last month, Helen Carroll was furious. The longtime sports project director at the National Center for Lesbian Rights had nothing against the 7-foot basketball center, [...]

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The LGBT Press In Michigan

Compiled By Tim Retzloff With its 20th anniversary, Between The Lines continues as the longest published LGBT newspaper in Michigan. The Gay Liberator lasted for six years. Ten Percent a.k.a. the Michigan Tribune, later renamed [...]

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Pride, 80s Style

By Abby Dees Thinking Out Loud The motto of my first Pride parade was "Unity and More in '84." If you think this is ancient history, I can assure you it's not. Pride in '84 [...]

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Why Michelle Obama got heckled

By LZ Granderson CNN Contributor (CNN) - I'm a big fan of Michelle Obama's, but if she's going to be hitting the circuit to raise money for Democrats, she has to be prepared for heckling. [...]

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