Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Anthony Rapp has new jobs to make the rent Original star of Rent Anthony Rapp has joined the cast of the new musical If/Then, from the creative team behind Next to [...]

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Just Out

Across 1 Alan of The Object of My Affection 5 Spacey's American Beauty award 10 Brief moments of erotica? 14 Mercury and Saturn 15 Candle in the wind, perhaps 16 Weight loss product 17 Somewhat [...]

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Is One of You the Man…?

By Abby Dees It happened again. Friends asked my partner, Traci, and me, "Is one of you, like, more the man in the relationship?" This doesn't piss me off, but it's still puzzling. After all, [...]

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Ted Yoho

With the rapidly increasing support of gays and lesbians, as individuals and as families, however, you've got to take the scope of who is "confused" a lot wider if you want to argue that equality [...]

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JTCC To Host Golfing Fundraiser

The Jim Toy Community Center, or JTCC, is fighting for "Equality in Michigan" with a golf outing at the end of the month. Proceeds from their first ever golf outing will go towards their continued [...]

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Musical Martyrs

By Jerome Stuart Nichols In every musician's life, there comes a time when they have to decide what kind of career they want for themselves: Do they shoot for the stars and see what happens, [...]

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Screen Queen: Spring Breakers, 42

Spring Breakers The intention of Harmony Korine's unsettling spring break dramatization - as discussed during the disc's interview with the director - was to create a surreal cinematic experience with the same hypnotically wormy sensation [...]

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Summer Hunks

Across 1 Israeli author Oz 5 Mushroom source 10 Greet Pat Robertson 14 That's bull, to Frida 15 She came between Bess and Jackie 16 Hit the ground 17 Armchair athlete's channel 18 Writer Dykewomon [...]

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Washington’s San Juan Islands

by Andrew Collins Out Of Town It's amazing how easily you can feel completely removed from crowds, urbanity and the busy pace of modern life, even when you're within 50 miles of several major cities. [...]

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Gary Glenn Running For State House

BTL Staff Report Just weeks after the announcement of Tom McMillin's run for the 13th District State House Seat, another of the Hungry 4 Equality Hall of Shame politicians has announced their candidacy. Gary Glenn, [...]

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Christopher Doyle

Creep Of The Week "One is the loneliest number that you'll ever know..." I'm sorry to report, but Ex-Gay Pride Month has been retroactively cancelled. I mean, obviously the month of July itself happened, but [...]

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P’Town Here I Come!

Parting Glances PROVINCE TOWN - It's Friday. Outside a light rain. Nothing too serious. Cozy inside. There are six Dyer House B&B guests quietly chatting. Intimate sharings. Tinted slightly with Bostonian accents. Pleasing intonations. Ever [...]

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Letter: On Ex-Gays and Faith

By Larry Jamison Viewpoint I wanted to share a story for those who are confused about their sexuality, especially in light of the recent closings of ex-gay ministries like Exodus International. Even when I was [...]

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