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Fed Regulations Changing Post-DOMA

By |2013-12-17T09:00:00-05:00December 17th, 2013|Michigan, News|

By Lisa Keen {URLKeen News Service} There was a flurry of activity among federal agencies this month to issue regulations concerning how they are complying with the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down the [...]

Give A Dam

By |2013-12-12T09:00:00-05:00December 12th, 2013|Entertainment, Puzzles|

Across 1 Artist Bonheur 5 Peter by the piano 9 Like a bottom 14 Business VIP 15 Lysol target 16 Easily screwed 17 Adam Levine's fiancee models for this company 20 Clock watcher 21 Family [...]

It’s A Candy Cane Of A Musical

By |2013-12-12T09:00:00-05:00December 12th, 2013|Entertainment, Theater|

By Martin F. Kohn I suspect that in real life Matt Kopec can sit still, although his hyperkinetic performance in the touring musical "Elf the Musical" provides little evidence to support that hypothesis. As the [...]

Rudy Serra, State Representative Candidate

By |2013-12-12T09:00:00-05:00December 12th, 2013|Michigan, News|

Between Ourselves Ferndalian Rudy Serra is running for State Representative for the 27th District, which includes Berkley, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Oak Park, Pleasant Ridge and Royal Oak Twp. There will be a primary [...]

Les Kinsolving

By |2013-12-12T09:00:00-05:00December 12th, 2013|Creep of the Week, Opinions|

Creep Of The Week One of the anti-gay right's favorite arguments is that the gays are actually the intolerant ones. It's a pretty laughable premise, actually. When it is proposed that LGBT people shouldn't be [...]

Mandela Honored, Remembered

By |2013-12-12T09:00:00-05:00December 12th, 2013|Opinions, Viewpoints|

"Nelson Mandela tore down oppression, united a rainbow nation, and always walked arm-in-arm with his LGBT brothers and sisters - and with all people - toward freedom. Though every man, woman and child who seeks [...]

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