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Where in the World is Dave Agema?

By |2014-01-22T09:00:00-05:00January 22nd, 2014|Michigan, News|

UPDATE: Agema has issued a statement to the Detroit Free Press announcing he has sent GOP political operative Chuck Yob (a former GOP Committeemen) to the national meeting to act as his proxy. "My liberal [...]

The Michigan GOP Gay Conundrum

By |2014-01-20T09:00:00-05:00January 20th, 2014|Michigan, News|

Dave Agema's Facebook post Jan. 7 supporting Russia's anti-gay law. On Jan. 9 Agema used his Facebook page to attack Muslims. Longtime Michigan GOP donors like Betsy DeVos called for Agema to step down due [...]

Restaurant Week Kicks Off Jan. 27

By |2014-01-16T09:00:00-05:00January 16th, 2014|Entertainment|

By Shelby Clark Birmingham's annual Restaurant Week, running Jan. 27-31 and Feb. 3-7, will again feature some of the best restaurants bets in town. Three-course lunches will be $15; three-course run $30. Portions of the [...]

In Your Face, Putin

By |2014-01-16T09:00:00-05:00January 16th, 2014|Entertainment, Puzzles|

Across 1 Name of many a gay bar 6 "Cabaret" director 14 Become an open pansy, e.g. 15 Like an empty apartment 16 Tennis great and LGBT icon 18 Handle on a wine bottle 19 [...]

Wilde For Wilde’s Sake

By |2014-01-16T09:00:00-05:00January 16th, 2014|Entertainment, Theater|

By Carolyn Hayes In 1895, celebrated scribe and legendary wit Oscar Wilde sued a man for libel and lost; the private details unearthed in that trial, in turn, led to Wilde's own arrest, trial and [...]

Author, Author

By |2014-01-16T09:00:00-05:00January 16th, 2014|Entertainment, Theater|

By Carolyn Hayes For good or for bad, the notion of authorship informs the way we consume art. The influence of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (written by a white, Northern abolitionist) might have spurred citizens to [...]

Saving Mr. Wellborn

By |2014-01-16T09:00:00-05:00January 16th, 2014|Entertainment, Theater|

By Martin F. Kohn Definition of the prototypical Meadow Brook Theatre play: a comedy with a familiar feel, a likable main character and possibly a touch of suspense but whose outcome is never in doubt; [...]

LGBT Legal Activists Laud Holder Announcement

By |2014-01-16T09:00:00-05:00January 16th, 2014|National, News|

By Lisa Keen Keen News Service LGBT legal activists applauded an announcement by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Friday that the federal government will recognize marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples in Utah despite the [...]

State Department Issues Warning

By |2014-01-16T09:00:00-05:00January 16th, 2014|National, News|

By Lisa Keen Keen News Service The U.S. State Department issued a travel advisory Saturday for citizens traveling to Russia for the Winter Olympics next month, including a specific warning that "vague guidance" from Russia [...]

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