Assault In Ypsilanti

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A young woman who was in the news in Ypsilanti, Michigan, as being among the first same-sex couples to marry during a brief window of opportunity was assaulted in her neighborhood Monday evening by three [...]

A Few Words On Fred Phelps

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By Les Sterling A public response to recent news of the imminent demise of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps, by's Creative Director Les Sterling 17 MARCH 2014 - SEATTLE, WA When I was [...]

Sponsor Spotlight: B. Ella Bridal

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B. Ella Bridal is a proud sponsor of BTL's Ultimate LGBT Wedding & Anniversary Expo. A longtime sponsor of BTL's Same-Sex Wedding Expo, B. Ella provides wedding attire from the traditional to the eccentric. Supplying [...]

Sponsor Spotlight: Five15

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Five15 is a proud sponsor of BTL's Ultimate LGBT Wedding & Anniversary Expo. Five15 is Royal Oak's LGBT shop of all trades, and can be a one-stop shop for a bachelor or bachelorette party. The [...]

Heart Spoken

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"No personal questions" is the caveat before getting on the phone with Lea Michele, TV's Rachel Berry. It's an acceptable exception given the "Glee" star's painfully tragic last year: Her on- and off-screen boyfriend, Cory [...]

Putin Hugs A Gay Skater

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Across 1 Lincoln's head covering 7 Condition after getting cold-cocked 13 Shirley's "Terms of Endearment" role, and others 15 Limerick's river 16 Jon of "The Daily Show" 17 Start of Jon's comment on Putin hugging [...]

Friends & Field Goals

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By Emell Derra Adolphus From the sidelines, the Michigan Panthers flag football players appear to be an identical group, indistinguishable in their fluorescent orange jerseys. But out on the turf, in the thick of game, [...]

Strike A Pose

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By Jerome Stuart Nichols Photos: Lucy Edwards LONDON - Yoga is a centuries-old discipline that promises to help people find permanent inner peace. Voguing is a decades old dance that promises to help people [...]

Democracy For America Endorses Hoadley

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KALAMAZOO - Democracy for America, a national progressive political action organization founded by Gov. Howard Dean, has endorsed Jon Hoadley in his campaign to represent District 60 in Michigan's State House. "Jon Hoadley is the [...]