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Michigan ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Returns

By |2015-01-21T09:00:00-05:00January 21st, 2015|Michigan, News|

It's Baaaaaaack! Michigan State Senator Mike Shirkey (R-Clark Lake) has re-introduced the Michigan Religious Freedom Restoration Act (MiRFRA). That's legislation lovingly dubbed "license to discriminate" by activists because it justifies nearly all discrimination, as long [...]

Three-way Rejoicing

By |2015-01-15T09:00:00-05:00January 15th, 2015|Entertainment, Puzzles|

Across 1 Kroll, who shared a three-way with 21-Across and 32-Across 5 Prodded, with "on" 10 "So long!" 14 Where to get off in gay Paree 15 Catch in a trap 16 Sometime defender of [...]

As Heard On Facebook

By |2015-01-15T09:00:00-05:00January 15th, 2015|Opinions, Viewpoints|

As LGBT people across the country, and especially in Michigan, wait to learn if the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the remaining same-sex marriage cases, people have taken to Facebook to express their frustrations - [...]

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