Same-Sex Marriages: One Year Later

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By BTL Staff BTL Photo: Andrew Potter In honor of the one year anniversary of Judge Bernard Friedman's overturning of the Michigan same-sex marriage ban, various venues throughout the state will host gatherings. The [...]

It’s Our Turn To Cry

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Across 1 Queen's beehive, e.g. 5 NG: Neighbor of Pakistan 9 They won't pose for nude photos 14 Sometime defender of gay rights 15 Oral gratification from the fridge 16 NG: "Me too" 17 Lesley's [...]

Miller Won’t Seek Re-Election

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Candice Miller, the former Republican Secretary of State and six term congresswoman from Michigan's 10th District, will not seek re-election to Congress. She made the announcement on Friday. She was widely praised for her service [...]

Hull’s Voice

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The territorial governor of Michigan, most known for his surrender of Detroit to the British in the War of 1812, also has a small role in this whole "religious freedom" debate at the Capitol. Nestled [...]

Recruiters Pursuing Diversity

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BY AJ TRAGER Members of the Detroit Police Department were among 37 companies that participated in the LGBTQ&A Career Fair at U-M Dearborn campus March 6. Over 250 people signed up looking for employment. BTL [...]

Sixth Annual Transgender Day Of Visibility

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BY AJ TRAGER ROYAL OAK - Executive Director of Transgender Michigan, Rachel Crandall, started the International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDoV) in 2009 when she noticed that the major holidays honoring trans identities were all [...]

Planet Fitness Defends Trans Rights

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BY BTL STAFF MIDLAND - Planet Fitness has made top headlines this past week after a woman from Midland vehemently spoke up about her issues with a trans woman using the locker facility Feb. 28. [...]

Obituary: Malcolm Boyd

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Rev. Malcolm Boyd was many things. He was a freedom rider who marched with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King in the Deep South. He was the author of over two dozen books and collections of [...]