After Thwarted Kidnapping Plans, Whitmer Calls for Unity

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer addressed the State of Michigan after a plan to kidnap her and other Michigan government officials was thwarted by state and federal law enforcement agencies. She started by saying thank you to law enforcement and FBI agents who participated in stopping this [...]


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Encouragement From Oscar

Across 1 Supporters of pansies 7 Paul Rudnick's "Addams Family ___ " 13 Kahlo's tongue 15 Margaret Mead interviewees 16 Public image 17 More like a day when "you can see forever" 18 Start of [...]

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The Fairy Godmother Of Weddings

BY AJ TRAGER Brittany Blase, owner of B. Ella Bridal. BTL Photo: AJ Trager PLYMOUTH - Fifteen models will walk down the Ultimate LGBT Wedding & Anniversary Expo runway March 21 donning elegant dresses [...]

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You’re Cordially Invited!

By Ed English Mazel tov! Two kindred gays have decided to make it official and get married (as married as they can get in the state of Michigan), and you've been invited to see their [...]

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Here Come The Books

By Keith Orr In the not-too-distant past, all that spring weddings signified for the LGBT community were jobs: musicians, florists, bakers, caterers. But now, in 37 states, we're finally getting married. To plan for the [...]

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Couple Quotes

Erin Trame And Carrie Turner, Married In Washtenaw County Carrie Turner and Erin Trame, married in Washtenaw County on March 22, 2014. "My wife and I were one of the lucky couples to get [...]

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Financial Workshop

Same-sex marriage may soon become the law of the land, so couples now need to learn about the financial realities of marriage and plan accordingly. Marriage creates new pooled resources and obligations. Questions inevitably arise [...]

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Pre-Expo Workshop

Come hear one of the area's most respected legal experts discuss the legal status of same-sex couples in Michigan, and how the current cases working through the courts will impact couples in Michigan and across [...]

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Caspar Recap: Married Is Married

BY AJ TRAGER ACLU attorneys and plaintiffs in the Caspar v Snyder case in April 2014. In April 2014, the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, on behalf of eight couples that were married [...]

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Risky Business

By Christopher Treacy Kevin Dombrow of Sheraton Detroit Novi. BTL Photo: Andrew Potter It's difficult to believe that anyone can afford to say no. Our economy may be wobbling toward some semblance of stability, [...]

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Transmissions: The Real Predators

By Gwendolyn Ann Smith After five hours of public comments that often proved contentious, Charlotte, North Carolina voted down a non-discrimination ordinance that would have provided protections for LGBT residents of the city. This would [...]

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2015 Ultimate LGBT Wedding & Anniversary Expo Vendors

Kreativ Imaging, Kristofer Petruska Accommodations Detroit Marriott Livonia Embassy Suites Livonia Motor City Casino Hotel Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel Accounting Kuderik and Associates, John E. Kuderik, CPA Adoption Services Hands Across The Water Adult Novelties [...]

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