Bi Songs by …

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Across 1 Olympic award for Ireen W,st 6 Supporter of Julia Morgan? 10 They were under Hoover 14 Advil rival 15 Global rights org. 16 Drumbeat start 17 They're green when you pluck them 18 [...]

Cars & Camaraderie

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By Emell Derra Adolphus Lambda Car Club member Troy Congdon comes from a family of General Motors workers. He joined the Car Club in 2009 and owns a 1967 classic Buick. The car, he says, [...]

Insider Scoop Into Ford GLOBE

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Ford Motor Company GLOBE board chairman Bill Peters and former chairman Greg Stone. Peters joined Ford Motor Company two and a half years ago and works as a senior IT project manager in the application [...]

Your Lamborghini, Or Mine?

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It wasn't too long ago that the right-wing American Family Association -- known for getting its membership to boycott groups, organizations and products -- targeted Ford Motor Company for running 2005 Land Rover and Jaguar [...]

Tennis Shoes And Keeping It Simple

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BY AJ TRAGER Betty Olding and Jenny Schumacher met in 1972 and have been together for 43 years. They were finally married on Sept. 26 by Detroit Reverend Deb Dysert of the Metropolitan Community Church [...]

Donald Chisholm and Steven Moore marriage

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After almost 19 years together, Donald Chisholm and Steven Moore of Pontiac were married on Wednesday, July 1. They would like to enthusiastically thank Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown, who officiated the ceremony, and her [...]

Stop The Madness!

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BY JAY KAPLAN I'm upset -- no, I'm angry as hell -- at certain members of our LGBT community. I'm outraged at those would-be partners in a same-sex relationship who, once the relationship sours, not [...]