Three Left in GOP Race, Clinton Surges

By Lisa Keen Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton had to scramble this week to correct a misstatement about Nancy Reagan's contribution to the AIDS epidemic. But there are very few signs that her LGBT support [...]

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The Peace of Zion

Across 1 Tennis stadium in Queens 5 Out and then some 9 Vaulted church area 13 She played gay in "Silkwood" 14 Signorile's column, with "The" 15 Tallulah Bankhead's home, for short 16 ___ Square [...]

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Spring Has Sprung with Upcoming Pet Events

COMPILED BY SHELBY CLARK PETKUS The Detroit Zoo hosts this semi-annual event in partnership with the Michigan Humane Society. Since the event's inception in 1993, more than 21,000 dogs, cats and rabbits have been placed [...]

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Managing Pet Caregiver Fatigue

BY AJ TRAGER Despite the difficult nature of her job, Dr. Courtney Graham says that this is the least burnt out shes been since working in veterinary medicine. Its not easy, but it is rewarding [...]

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Protecting Adoptable Pets in Michigan

In April of 2012, a Michigan State University medical student accepted a plea deal for killing at least 12 Italian greyhound puppies. The puppies, contemporary reports said, were ordered from out of state puppy mills [...]

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Carrying His Cross

BY AJ TRAGER PARCHMENT, Mich. -- Every evening Rev. Mike Tupper puts on a thick hat, a pair of gloves and insulated pants and crawls into two sleeping bags nestled inside a winter tent. He's [...]

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