Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente 'After Louie' wants to turn back time LGBT film has moved past the moment when virtually all the stories produced were about AIDS, but that doesn't mean that there aren't many [...]

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‘Are You a Heather?’

FERNDALE -- The Ringwald Theatre continues its Season of Classics with the Detroit premiere of "Heathers the Musical" by Kevin Murphy and Laurence O'Keefe. Based on the classic 1989 film, Westerberg High is ruled by [...]

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Hotter Than July 2016

Detroit's Black Gay Pride is here! The 2016 Hotter Than July celebration will feature nearly a week of activities for the LGBT community beginning July 26 stretching to July 31. The week kicks off with [...]

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House Chants

By Lisa Keen While the nation rivets its attention to the increasingly bizarre presidential campaign or eagerly counts down the calendar to when the livin' is easy, Congress has returned to a business as usual [...]

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