Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente Luke Evans stars in "Professor Marston & The Wonder Women" Here's one you might have missed: the story of a man named William Marston, a Harvard psychologist who helped invent the [...]

CoverGirl Boy

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Across 1 Olivier of "Marathon Man" 9 Pose for a Mapplethorpe photo, e.g. 16 Variety store 17 Prop for "I have a headache, honey..." 18 Start of a comment on representing CoverGirl as a gay [...]

Love Wears On

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Love loud and proud. That's the message Michigan-based clothing company Closets are for Clothes is sending with their custom T-shirt designs made to support the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. "If our support can inspire [...]

The Way Forward Now

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Let's start with one day at a time, remembering that as long as we are able to breath, speak our mind and take action we are going to be okay. As President Obama told the [...]

Truth: Can You Accept That?

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BY KELLIE DURHAM Just gonna leave this right here for today... "Accept this election." "Stop whining." "Suck it up." "It is what it is." "Just give him a chance." Okay, so can we have a [...]