Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente 'American Gigolo' Is Coming, Eventually Back in 2014, before the world began falling apart in earnest, there were rumblings about a TV series based on the 1980 classic glamour-noir film "American [...]

Brothers & Sisters

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Across 1 Style of Marcel Duchamp 5 Showing a tiny opening 9 " ___ of the Dead" 14 Aware of 15 "If I ___ a Rich Man" 16 Three-card hustle 17 Anna Madrigal's daughter 18 [...]

The Nerd

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Williamston Theatre is collaborating with the MSU Department of Theatre on their production, The Nerd by Larry Shue. Performances run through Sunday, Dec. 18. Aspiring young architect Willum Cubbert has often told his friends about [...]

Rising Above

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BY LAWRENCE FERBER Activist Cleve Jones has lived an extraordinary life, filled with world-changing friends and figureheads from Harvey Milk to Dustin Lance Black. Portrayed by Emile Hirsch in the Gus Van Sant-directed MILK, Jones [...]

Survival Guide

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By Lawrence Ferber The resistance began with unaccountedfor appearances of posters on the walls and windows of New York City: the Nazis' pink triangle inverted on a black background over the words "SILENCE = DEATH." [...]

Trumping HIV

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Despite extraordinary achievements in addressing the 35-year-old HIV crisis in the U.S., the future of billions of dollars in federal support funds for people living with and at risk for the virus could be in [...]

Save the Date: EQMI 2016 Fall Reception

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BY BTL STAFF DETROIT -There are so many amazing people in the community to celebrate: allies, activists, change agents, and the next generation of leaders. On Dec. 2 Equality Michigan will be honoring them all [...]

Trump Appointments: A Troubling Trend

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BY LISA KEEN President-elect Donald Trump's selection of a Secretary of Education who is affiliated with the far right, anti-LGBT leadership in Michigan continues a troubling trend. First came his "Chief Strategist" Steve Bannon, who [...]