SAGE Says Take Action for LGBT Elders

By | 2017-02-01T09:00:00-04:00 February 1st, 2017|Michigan, News|

BY BTL STAFF This is a critical moment in LGBT history. LGBT elders and their allies haven't come this far to back down now. In a powerful pre-inauguration statement, SAGE CEO Michael Adams stressed the [...]

Creep of the Week: Donald Trump

By | 2017-01-31T09:00:00-04:00 January 31st, 2017|Michigan, News|

Great news, everybody! Donald Trump is not planning to rescind President Obama's 2014 executive order banning federal contractors from discriminating against LGBTQ people. I repeat, he has said he is not yanking those protections away. [...]

Motor City Pride Spins Off From EQMI

By | 2017-01-31T09:00:00-04:00 January 31st, 2017|Michigan, News|

BY JAN STEVENSON DETROIT - Motor City Pride is going it alone. After operating for the past 15 years under the auspices of first the Triangle Foundation and then its successor organization, Equality Michigan, MCP [...]

LGBTS Denounce Trump’s Ban on Refugees

By | 2017-01-30T09:00:00-04:00 January 30th, 2017|National, News|

By Lisa Keen Demonstrators gathered on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017 at Detroit Metro Airport. The protesters gathered in five separate areas inside and outside the airport in suburban Detroit. One of the largest gatherings took [...]

Deep Inside Hollywood

By | 2017-01-26T09:00:00-04:00 January 26th, 2017|Entertainment|

By Romeo San Vicente cut/ Armie Hammer. Photo: Debby Wong Armie Hammer plays gay in 'Call Me By Your Name' Soon to premiere at this year's Sundance Film Festival, "Call Me By Your Name" has [...]

Women’s March Recap

By | 2017-01-26T09:00:00-04:00 January 26th, 2017|Michigan, News|

11,000 People In Ann Arbor Janet Osborn of Ann Arbor, 65, recalled protesting in 1963 with her mother in support of Selma during the civil rights movement. Now more than 50 years later, she's still [...]

Trump Era Begins

By | 2017-01-26T09:00:00-04:00 January 26th, 2017|National, News|

By Lisa Keen Trump was obsessed with news media comparisons of crowd size between his Inauguration and President Obamas in 2009. He complained on Twitter and at a speech in front otf the CIA on [...]

Trans Position

By | 2017-01-25T09:00:00-04:00 January 25th, 2017|Michigan, News|

Across 1 Whale's "The Man in the Iron ___ " 5 Some writers work on it 9 DeGeneres voice role 13 "The African Queen" author 14 Spanish cooking pot 15 "June Is Bustin' Out All [...]