After Thwarted Kidnapping Plans, Whitmer Calls for Unity

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer addressed the State of Michigan after a plan to kidnap her and other Michigan government officials was thwarted by state and federal law enforcement agencies. She started by saying thank you to law enforcement and FBI agents who participated in stopping this [...]


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Feud: Bette and Joan

Across 1 R.E.M. follower? 6 In the pink 10 Roehm's sausage 15 Cocoon creator 16 "Uh-oh!" to Shelley 17 Cole Porter's "___ Men" 18 Part of a daisy chain? 19 Left to pirates 20 Out [...]

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Transgender Michigan Calls for Action

Rachel Crandall, executive director of Transgender Michigan said, "A lot of people in my community are really afraid." She points to the number of transgender people who are worried about their civil right's protections after [...]

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Support the Heidelberg Project in Detroit

BY BTL STAFF The Heidelberg Project is a Detroit-based organization improving the lives of people and neighborhoods through art. The organization needs help to preserve one of only two houses left on 3600 Heidelberg St. [...]

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Transmissions: Tranifesto

BY GWENDOLYN ANN SMITH In its first major blow to transgender rights, the Trump administration has -- thanks to the Department of Education under Betsy DeVos and the Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions -- [...]

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