Across 1 Y.M.C.A., e.g. 5 Type of father Robert Reed played 9 Madea cross-dresser Perry 14 In the pink 15 Greek queen of heaven 16 ___ Cologne 17 First name among lesbian poets 18 Auth. [...]

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Call for LGBTQ Artists

Hot Works, LLC is seeking artist submissions from local LGBTQ professional artists for the 15th Annual Orchard Lake Fine Art Show July 29-30 at West Bloomfield High School in West Bloomfield. "Artists are a very [...]

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A Tale of Two Dolls

BY GWENDOLYN ANN SMITH In 1976, as a Georgia peanut farmer was elected to the Presidency and America went into a patriotic fervor over its bicentennial, the Ideal Toy Company decided to cash in on [...]

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