Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente cut/ Jen Richards. Photo: Joe Seer. Indie drama 'Easy Living' features trans actress Jen Richards As far as Hollywood is concerned, summer is pretty much over. August is a notoriously slow [...]

Old and Dribbling

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Across 1 Simians on Roddy McDowall's planet 5 Like a woman without a woman 10 Anthropologist Margaret 14 "Pandora's Box" heroine 15 "Dallas Voice," for example 16 A lot, maybe 17 "Dancing With the Stars" [...]


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An error of fact was reported in the story, "Ferndale Mayor to Run Unopposed Again," on Aug. 10 regarding Craig Covey's career. BTL reported the following: "Covey had crafted his career contrary to Coulter's. He [...]

UM Dearborn Offers New LGBTQ Studies Certificate

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BY BTL STAFF The LGBTQ Studies certificate, a 12-credit interdisciplinary program in the University of Michigan-Dearborn College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters, prepares students professionally and personally by concentrating on diverse forms of sexual orientation, [...]

Countdown on the Trump Presidency?

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BY KAREN OCAMB, LOS ANGELES BLADE Trump defends his beliefs during a press conference at Trump Tower on August 15. (Photo Youtube still) Donald Trump has crossed so many lines of impropriety without suffering [...]

Love Wins in the City of Jackson

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Chris Moore, Nikki Joly and Barbara Shelton, director of the United Center for Caring in Jackson. Hundreds gathered for a fundraiser on Tuesday night to support Nikki Joly and Chris Moore, an LGBTQ couple [...]

Texas Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill Dies

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BY MICHAEL K. LAVERS, WASHINGTON BLADE Texas lawmakers adjourned on Aug. 15, 2017, without passing a bill that would have restricted transgender people's access to bathrooms. Photo by Daniel Mayer; courtesy Wikimedia The Texas [...]