A Hard Fought Love

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BY EVE KUCHARSKI From left to right: Haley, Evan, Alexis, Heather Casto-Thatcher, Heather Thatcher, Katherine, Bradley and Kyle the couple's Aug. 4 wedding day. Photo courtesy of Derek Cookson All day she had been [...]

Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente Ellen Page. Ellen Page enrolls in 'The Umbrella Academy' for Netflix And she's playing The White Violin. Are you already confused? Thought it was about umbrellas? Here's where you catch [...]

Hidden Quote

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Across 1 A bit of dialogue from this movie is hidden in the circled letters of this puzzle 8 Frida's celebrations 15 Emulate Dr. Kildare 16 They may penetrate your enemies 17 He rubs you [...]

Bianca Del Rio Comes to Royal Oak

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photo: S2_CC2_RoyalOak_2547.jpg Bianca Del Rio, the alter ego of seasoned comic Roy Haylock and season 6 winner of RuPaul's Drag Race, is a self-professed "clown in a gown." This hilariously hateful comic is known for [...]

A Hard-Fought Love

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BY EVE KUCHARSKI caption: Heather Casto-Thatcher (left) and Heather Thatcher (right) with their children on their Aug. 4 wedding day. Photo courtesy of Derek Cookson All day she had been debating on when to do [...]

Transmission: November Hope

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by Gwendolyn Ann Smith The 7th of November was the 40th anniversary of Harvey Milk's historic victory in San Francisco, becoming the first out, gay elected official in the United States. It felt as if [...]