Be Mine…You, Too

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The other morning I was standing in the checkout lane behind a man who was buying two Valentine's Day cards, each curiously turned faced down. The checkout clerk proclaimed "What a gentleman!" Jokingly, I added [...]

10 Valentine’s Day Events

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1.) Chippendales — Interested in spicing up your evening? Join the audience for the Chippendales' 2018: About Last Night Tour. Seen by more than 2 million people annually, the exotic dance show is the perfect [...]

Dancing Harder

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'Porn to Be a Star' Play Coming to Menjos in Detroit "Get ready to get Harder!" That’s the slogan for Chris Harder’s play, "Porn to Be a Star," directed by Obie Award-winning performer and playwright [...]

A Swell Movie Character

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Across 1 GLAAD fundraiser, e.g. 5 Market bear's fear 10 Alternative to "Go straight" 14 A shade of the color purple 15 Skater Sonja 16 Langston Hughes was born here 17 Like vanilla sex 18 [...]