Just Desserts

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Across 1 Get off the breast 5 Ejaculation of concern 9 Travels with one's first mate 14 "At Wit's End" author Bombeck 15 Farm erection 16 High marks 17 Tempt with desserts? 19 Bryant, who [...]

All Means All

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Two years ago, after the Michigan State Board of Education approved a set of policy recommendations for the support and inclusion of LGBTQ students, the father of a child attending Dexter’s Cornerstone Elementary School scheduled a meeting with principal Craig McCalla. He took issue with the school's bathroom policy: allowing students to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.

Deep Inside Hollywood

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  Get ready for a Roy Cohn-ucopia Did you miss the Roy Cohn lesson in queer history class? Do you still not know about the closeted, Trump-mentoring, McCarthyite lawyer who hated the LGBT community and [...]

Parting Glances: Two Kings and a Presidential ‘Queen’

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Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1965 historic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, for African-American voter rights changed the South forever. (Or, did it?) Few know that another King – William Rufus DeVane King – gave Selma its name 145 years earlier. (It means “high seat” or “throne,” and comes from an epic Ossianic poem, “The Songs of Selma.”)