After Thwarted Kidnapping Plans, Whitmer Calls for Unity

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer addressed the State of Michigan after a plan to kidnap her and other Michigan government officials was thwarted by state and federal law enforcement agencies. She started by saying thank you to law enforcement and FBI agents who participated in stopping this [...]


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The Rev. Deb Cox to Retire From Ministry, Teaching

Before Deb Cox found the Metropolitan Community Church movement she, admittedly, wasn’t very religious. “I was a Christmas and Easter Christian,” she said. “I was part of the Presbyterian church, [and] it has turned out that what I needed was something that allowed me to open up my faith a little more than their rituals allowed.”

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Remembering Henri

  Across 1 Embarrass with porn, perhaps 6 "Dancing Queen" band 10 WNBA star Rebecca 14 Nephew of Donald Duck 15 Jacques of song 16 Doctor Zhivago 17 Young girl of old comics 18 Cotton [...]

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‘A Life Well Lived’

At this point in his life, Charles Alexander is a venerable institution in Detroit’s LGBTQ community. A look at the 83-year-old artist and activist's achievements and the significance of his contributions to the community are [...]

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11th Annual Harvest Festival

The annual Pittsfield Township Harvest Festival is a way for attendees to enjoy live music, learn lost arts like spinning and woodcarving, experience guided history at the Sutherland-Wilson Farmhouse, eat local food and more. Held [...]

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Art and Brew Oct. 10

Art & Brew is the Art Center’s annual fall fundraiser — a one-night beer and bite tasting tour across downtown Ann Arbor. Local favorite bars, restaurants and breweries compete against each other to create the [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente This is not a drill: There’s a new 'Matrix' movie on the way Neo and Trinity! The red pills that those unpleasant internet dudes keep going on and on about (incorrectly)! [...]

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Royal Oak Barktoberfest Sept. 15

A fall festival for dogs and dog-lovers alike, Barktoberfest also features locally brewed craft beer and music. Happening on Sunday, Sept. 15, the festival encourages attendees to bring their dogs, a friend and enjoy the [...]

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070 Shake at El Club

Danielle Balbuena is a singer and rapper who is best-known by fans as 070 Shake. A part of the musical collective 070, Balbuena contributed to the mixtape "The 070 Project: Chapter 1" and has since [...]

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Positive Thoughts: Three Cheers of Victory for Ol’ U=U!

For about the past decade, activists and advocates have been working hard to educate the world on a very important scientific fact about living with HIV: that undetectable equals untransmittable (U=U). U=U is a now globally accepted scientific consensus that simply means when a person living with HIV reaches an undetectable viral load (also sometimes called virally suppressed) for six months or longer, they are virtually unable to transmit the virus to a sexual partner — even without the use of condoms.

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Artist’s Statement

There is little conscious planning as I create my art. I work intuitively and rather quickly. I start with a geometric shape, a humorous or serious doodle, a fluid symbol fished from my subconscious, a newly minted hieroglyph or alphabet, sometimes a line expressive of energy and movement, and I proceed from there.

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