Activists call for town halls, day of mourning

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DETROIT – Stunned groups of LGBT activists and coalition partners of the Coalition for a Fair Michigan met Nov. 5 at the ACLU in Detroit and Nov. 6 at the Triangle Foundation offices to discuss legal and community responses to the passage of Proposal 2, the anti-marriage amendment to Michigan’s constitution that passed Nov. 2.
On Nov. 6, an email went out to thousands of people on lists from CFM, the Triangle Foundation, DBG Pride and other groups calling for people to stay involved and active, despite how upset they may be.
“We should not be ashamed of our despair,” wrote CFM leaders Johnny Jenkins, Susan Horowitz, Jeffrey Montgomery, Michelle Brown and Kathleen Russell in their open letter to the community. “It is because we dared to hope. We hoped that Americans would choose a path of peace, of compassion, of acceptance. We hoped that all the hard fought victories and painful defeats of the last decade had built the skill and will to overcome the bigotry whipped up by self serving politicians endangering our lives to win their victories. But we lost.”
The group called on people across the state to do four specific things: first, write their local newspapers and express their concern and disappointment that our constitution has been used to enshrine discrimination. Second, thank our allies in labor, the faith-based communities, our families and political leaders, especially Gov. Jennifer Granholm, for their visible and strong support. Third, hold “coordinated gathering around our state the weekend of Dec. 3 – Dec. 5 so that together we can decide how to move Michigan forward,” and finally to join together for a Day of Mourning Dec. 17, which is the day that the Michigan constitution will be formally amended to include Proposal 2 language.
On the Day of Mourning people plan to wear a black ribbon and continue to have conversations about this discriminatory measure with friends, neighbors and co-workers.
The group promised more details to come on the Dec. 3-5 events and the Day of Mourning Dec. 17. For more information contact Susan Horowitz, CFM operations manager at

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