• Pulse nightclub shooting survivor Brandon Wolf stands with the #NoNRAMoney movement.

11 Michigan Candidates, Lawmakers Sign #NoNRAMoney Petition to Reject NRA Donations

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On March 2, the deadline ended for the #NoNRAMoney candidate pledge. The national pledge targeted both candidates and existing legislators to renounce funding by the National Rifle Association — a nearly 150-year-old organization that advocates for the rights of gun owners, and provides funding for pro-gun legislators. In Michigan, 11 officials and candidates signed on.
The campaign was launched within days of the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida and has gained momentum online and across the country. A growing roster of businesses, politicians and the public increasingly are rejecting the NRA and advocating for gun control legislation at state and national levels. Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi, joined the pledge and urged her colleagues on both sides of the aisle to join her.
“We are at a tipping point because of your activism to end gun violence in our schools, churches and communities,” Pelosi said in remarks to the California Democratic Convention. “The Stoneman Douglas students of Florida are holding public officials accountable to save lives. Let us salute those students for their courage and clarity; and let us salute them by pledging not to take any NRA money!”
Nadine Smith, Executive Director of Equality Florida and one of the campaign co-founders, said that the NRA “doesn’t speak for the majority of voters.”
“Not even the majority of gun owners who overwhelmingly believe we need common sense gun laws not the normalization of mass shootings,” Smith said. “More than 150 politicians have taken the pledge and thousands of volunteers are demanding that candidates and lawmakers refuse NRA funding or lose our votes. We are breaking their extremist stranglehold so that rational debate can lead to sensible gun policy.”
Brandon Wolf, a survivor of the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, took a stand too.
“It is time for every politician to take action against the epidemic of mass shootings that have become a frighteningly common feature of American life. The NRA has turned our country into a war zone and Americans are done dying for you,” Wolf said. “Our children are done being your sacrifices. I lost two friends in the Pulse shooting and I will do anything to support the amazing young people of Parkland who are survivors and advocates for the 17 fellow students and teachers they lost. The have become an unstoppable force and, I pray, the catalyst for the real reform we desperately need to keep all of us safe.”

Michigan Candidates:

Fayrouz Saad – Candidate for Congress
Haley Stevens — Candidate for Congress

Michigan Officials:
Anuja Rajendra — State Senate
Michelle Deatrick — State Senate
Jon Hoadley — State House Representative
Kathy Wiejaczka — State House Representative
Katie Reiter — State House Representative
Laura Dodd — State House Representative
Padma Kuppa — State House Representative
Rebekah Warren — State House Representative
Robert Van Kirk —State House Representative

 For more information go to nonramoney.org. Wolf’s appearance at the recent rally in Tallahassee, Florida, organized by Parkland survivors online is here: gaybe.am/AQ.

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