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NCTE releases air travel tips for transgender people

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WASHINGTON – The National Center for Transgender Equality has released its latest publication, “Air Travel Tips for Transgender People,” to aid transgender travelers during the busy holiday season. NCTE hopes to reduce travel anxiety for holiday travelers by providing tips on such topics as identification issues, security measures, and reporting mistreatment.
NCTE was motivated to provide travel guidelines following the implementation of a new Transportation Security Administration policy directing agents at security checkpoints to pat-down passengers wearing bulky clothing items. TSA policy regarding pat-downs is included in the guide, as well as instructions on how to report misconduct by a TSA agent.
TransGender Michigan’s Executive Director Rachel Crandall is happy for the new NCTE publication.
Crandall said, “I know of members of my community who have been thoroughly patted down, to the extent of almost being felt up.”
Transgender people who feel their rights have been violated by airport or security personnel should report the incident to the TSA immediately. NCTE requests that anyone whose rights are violated during air travel also report the incident on their web site at http://nctequality.org/Discrimination.asp. NCTE’s “Air Travel Tips for Transgender People” is also available on the web at http://nctequality.org.

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