Creep of the Week: George W. Bush

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George W. Bush

Why is George W. Bush this week’s creep? Oh, let us count the ways.
First, there was his renewed call for a constitutional amendment to ban marriage for gays and lesbians during his Feb. 1 State of the Union address. Though some previous reports speculated that Bush’s support for the measure was waning, right-wing leaders turned up the heat by threatening to withhold support for Bush’s plan to dismantle Social Security if he didn’t come out harder against gays and lesbians. Nice.
Bush further denigrated our families by parroting right-wing propaganda about the suitability of gay and lesbian parents. Bush recently told a reporter, “Studies have shown that the ideal is where a child is raised in a married family with a man and a woman.” This, however, isn’t true. Decades of studies have shown that whether parents are gay or straight has nothing to do with their ability to parent. Scores of reputable doctors and child welfare professionals have come out in support of giving gay and lesbian families the legal recognition and protections they deserve. The very people claiming the high moral ground of “family values” hurt the children of gays and lesbians by denying them the protection of two legally recognized parents. For shame.
Last but not least is the issue of HIV/AIDS funding. The budget Bush introduced Feb. 7 included cuts or flat funding for many HIV/AIDS programs, with the exception of small increases for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program. “This budget does not reflect the concern President Bush showed during his State of the Union for HIV and AIDS care and prevention,” said HRC Vice President of Policy David M. Smith. “Unfortunately, the president’s actions do not match his words.”

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