Why is the media ignoring Gannon-gate?

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Dear BTL,
I’d really like to know how a phony reporter using the false name of “Jeff Gannon” – a man who was a gay male escort renting sexual favors by the hour – gained access to the White House for over two years without proper credentials, and why the media is not more interested in the story?
It is frightening to think that, in this time of war and terror, it is so easy to infiltrate the White House on false pretenses.
It’s hard to say which is worse: that the White House had no idea who it was allowing to be within shouting distance of the president, or that the White House knew exactly who “Jeff Gannon” was and why he was there.
Journalists today seem more interested in typing up White House press releases and passing them off as news than in doing any actual investigating and reporting.
{ITAL William C. Stosine
Iowa City, Iowa}

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