Celebrate Women’s History Month by advocating for families

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March is Women’s History Month. Much like Black History Month, the very existence of a designated month implies that the history of women and blacks somehow exists outside of “real” history, which is, of course, dominated by white, heterosexual males – and whatever the Texas school board allows publishers to include in history textbooks.
However, the average American’s history education is far from complete, and these designated months do serve to remind us of the many gaps that exist. For example, did you know that the lyrics to “America the Beautiful” were written by lesbian Katherine Lee Bates?
In this issue of BTL we acknowledge and celebrate the history of some remarkable women. Barbara Murray, executive director of AIDS Partnership Michigan, and Selma Massey, founder of Whosoever Ministries, reflect on women whose lives impacted history but whose stories may not be familiar.
On this very page there is a viewpoint column from the head of the Mautner Project about lesbians and cancer. Melissa Etheridge’s recent Grammy performance shined a much-needed spotlight on this issue, and the challenges many lesbians face when seeking health care.
Our cover story this week is Dr. Rhonda Kobold, a lesbian gynecologist who, along with her partner, is raising two children. Kobold has been helping other women start families for years, yet her children aren’t afforded the same protections as the children of Kobold’s heterosexual patients. Many same-sex couples are determined to create and raise a family in the face of discrimination-inspired legal challenges. We believe that Kobold’s story is a true picture of the family values that social conservatives claim to support.
One of the many faces of the truly anti-family right, Sen. Alan Cropsey (R-DeWitt), has the dubious honor of being this week’s “creep.” Cropsey, who wants the Ten Commandments posted in Michigan courts, wants to punish the children of gays and lesbians simply because he disapproves of gays and lesbians.
Thankfully there are reasonable legislators in Michigan like Rep. Paul Condino (D-Oakland County) who left a recent Triangle Foundation briefing in Lansing a supporter of second parent adoption. We commend Condino for standing for fairness and for children. Blind ideology does not protect families and only hurts children. We hope that many other legislators join together to pass legislation that would protect the very children you see on our cover this week. Children with two committed parents deserve the protections of two legal parents. We urge you to contact your legislators and voice your support for second parent adoption. There is a bill in the works and we at BTL will continue to follow this issue closely. Meanwhile, the Coalition for Adoption Rights Equality could really use your support. Visit them at http://www.secondparentadoption.org. Because children’s rights, women’s rights, minority rights and LGBT rights are really all the same thing – human rights.

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