Vandals damage, steal BTL paper boxes

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By Dawn Wolfe
It seems that anti-gay zealots aren’t content with damaging the LGBT community’s marriage and other civil rights.
Now, they want to shut the LGBT paper up as well.
Ann Cox, distribution manager for Between The Lines, reported that within the past few weeks several BTL newspaper boxes in five local communities have been damaged or stolen. And in Royal Oak, all of the boxes were missing substantial numbers of papers within three hours of distribution during the week of March 7.
According to Cox, “It’s getting worse every day. I’ve been here for a long time, and we’ve never had this many problems.”
Cox requests that our readers keep an eye on their local BTL paper box, and “if readers see anyone messing with our boxes, please get their license plate number and the make of their car and call me,” so BTL can pursue legal action against the vandals.
If you see anyone attempting to vandalize or steal a BTL paper box, or taking a significant number of papers from a distribution point, please call Ann Cox at 248-615-7003, ext. 31.

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