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Viewpoint: All politics is loco – Filibusted!

By |2018-01-16T12:56:12-05:00June 2nd, 2005|Opinions|

By Sean Kosofsky

The cause of the season this spring has been to “save the filibuster.” For those of you just waking up from the elections, the filibuster is a technique used in the U.S. Senate that allows for unlimited talking in order to slow, stop or even shut down the process of the chamber. The filibuster is rarely used, but it is a critical tool (used by both parties) to stop the worst of the worst nominations by a sitting President.
The power hungry, right-wing mob led by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and his cabal of hyenas threatened to eliminate the filibuster in a move known affectionately as the “nuclear option.” This would essentially leave the Democrats and the rest of America (the 48 percent of the nation who didn’t vote for Bush) at the whim of the President.
The controversy has been a real nail biter, too. At the very last minute 14 Senators brokered a compromise that doesn’t look much like a compromise at all. Essentially the theocrats won again. They were able to get some of the most homophobic jurists a straight up or down vote, which means they are likely to be confirmed for the federal bench. The terms of the compromise also don’t take the nuclear option off the table, so Democrats are stuck having to compromise each and every time. And guess who got screwed in the end? Gays, women and minorities, none of which (even combined) are a majority among the Democratic Caucus in the Senate, so what do they care?
It is a sad and pathetic day when Frist, Bush, and the horsemen of the apocalypse can continue to bully everyone around them and win. Time after time they seek out ferocious ways to make enemies, hurt democracy, hurt their constituents, hurt America’s reputation, hurt America – and keep the nation’s attention on absurd distractions like Terry Schiavo or Iraq, when the Senate can’t even get meaningful legislation through that eliminates poverty, violence, or pollution. It’s almost like the Senate is competing for sweeps week viewers.
I have said it before and I will say it again. The time has come to impeach George W. Bush. He cozies up with criminals like Ken Lay and Tom DeLay (similarity in last names is not proof of right-wing cloning, but stay tuned). He kills innocent people, violates executive orders, offends the world, goofs off all the time, and slanders everyone who isn’t a part of his white, Christian, hetero, wealthy world. It offends me that over half the voters rewarded this clown with a second term, but now we are stuck with him. The impeachment process is the only (legal) tool we have left. But do you think that will ever get through Congress. Hell no!
Where is the anger? Where is the passion in the U.S. Senate and elsewhere to finally say enough is enough and that America is heading off a cliff if we continue down a path that will leave nothing left of our Constitution, our values, and our sanity? Contact your congressperson today and tell them that your government has been taken hostage by anti-American zealots bent on turning our country into a country club for the privileged few… the elite… the haves…the conformists and neo-cons that have traded the American dream for a consolidation of anti-gay power in the Oval Office.

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