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Creep of the Week: Rev. Bill Banuchi

By | 2018-01-15T20:06:32-05:00 June 16th, 2005|News|
Rev. Bill Banuchi

Competition for Creep this week was steep. Word must be getting around about this column.
First there was Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who earned the title of Creep last week for signing an anti-marriage amendment bill at a conservative church. Perry was a contender this week for telling gay Texas veterans to, more or less, love it or shove it when coming back from Iraq to a state working to enshrine discrimination against them in its constitution (see this week’s Editorial).
And then there was the pope, who met with bishops from Sub-Saharan Africa and stressed that abstinence was the only “failsafe” way to prevent AIDS. This is, of course, true, but telling folks, “Hey, stop having sex already,” given the way the disease is raging through the continent, surpasses irresponsible by a mile. In this case, “fail-safe” equals “foolhardy.”
But this week I’ve decided to bestow the honor on a lesser-known figure: Rev. Bill Banuchi, executive director of the New York Christian Coalition.
Banuchi recently railed against New York Pride celebrations. “When a society has degenerated to the point of celebrating an immoral lifestyle that results in sickness and premature death it’s questionable whether that society can long survive,” quoted him as saying June 12. “We put warning labels on cigarette packs … yet we ‘celebrate’ a lifestyle that we know spreads every kind of sexually transmitted disease and takes at least 20 years off the average life span, according to the 2005 issue of the revered scientific journal Psychological Reports.”
To summarize: if gays are celebrated society will perish, most likely from a raging case of the clap.
It’s a bleak picture, to be sure. It’s also divorced from reality.
The report in the “revered” scientific journal Banuchi is referring to is a widely discredited study by Dr. Paul Cameron of the anti-gay Family Research Institute. Unfortunately, the right-wing is incredibly effective at repeating something so often it becomes accepted as true, even though it isn’t, and they love themselves some Dr. Cameron.
It’s true there are homosexuals who act recklessly and put themselves and others at risk (unlike heterosexuals, who never do this. Ever. There’s surely a Family Research Council study to prove it). But reckless folks don’t represent the majority of gays and lesbians. Most people who actually know gay people will attest that we’re often just as boring as straight folks.
But anti-gay industry folks like Banuchi are all too happy to parrot the claims that gays are a force of evil determined to bring society at large to its knees. After all, it makes for sensational fundraising pitches.
Banuchi’s suggestion that gays should wear “warning labels” is especially offensive. As pointed out, gays did, in fact, wear warning labels once: “In Nazi Germany gays were forced to wear the pink triangle to differentiate them from other internees at concentration camps.”
Of course, it’s possible that Banuchi doesn’t know any of this and just needs someone to educate him. Spread some truth by emailing him at or calling him at 845-561-5980.

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