All Politics is Loco: Why the right hates America

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By Sean Kosofsky

The most effective propagandists don’t just stretch the truth, they tell the opposite of the truth. Holocaust deniers claim no one died in Nazi Germany, and they hope that after all the survivors are dead, they can claim any evidence was doctored. Right-wing anti-GLBT activists do the same by saying that gays want “special rights” or that we are a “threat to children.” A closer look at the evidence shows that they are once again saying the opposite of the truth. They want the special right to discriminate against gays and it is heterosexual white men that commit most of the acts of pedophilia in the United States.
We have heard right-wing talking heads, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, and Rush Limbaugh argue that liberals hate America and that they want to steer the country toward ungodliness and anti-corporate tree-hugging smoke-ins. Every time I hear these baseless accusations (which have been ramped up since 9-11) I wonder how they are able to get away with it. The facts show that it is the right that hates America.
Most Americans do not support merging church and state, or getting rid of social security, or allowing polluting companies to write our environmental laws or allowing anybody to own a semi-automatic weapon, and most Americans support equal rights, privacy rights and peace.
The reason the wing-nuts keep screaming about liberals thwarting the will of the majority with our “activist judges” is because they are scared shitless that the USA is not the fascist, WASPish, hetero-centrist world they want it to be. They are in the minority and they hate it. On nearly every single issue conservatives care about, from abortion to medical marijuana, we see the public willing to support logical, affordable and responsible policy not driven by panic and inflammatory rhetoric. Conservative extremists continue to churn out a steady stream of hypocritical leaders like the gay homophobic mayor of Spokane, Jason West, the pill-popping drug addict Rush Limbaugh, and Republican leaders who tried to impeach Bill Clinton for a blowjob but roll over for a President who blows up thousands of innocent people.
Roll call for the right:
Death penalty: Conservatives say it is a deterrent to crime.
Opposite truth: Capitol punishment doesn’t deter crime and may actually increase murder rates.
Global warming: Conservatives say there is no such thing.
Opposite truth: Most of the world’s top scientists agree that global warming is occurring and that humans are causing it.
Church and State: Conservatives say this is a “Christian nation founded on Christian values.”
Opposite truth: The most influential founding fathers wanted a secular nation that specifically prevented any one religious view from prevailing, thus allowing free exercise of religion.
Gay marriage: Conservatives say marriage has always been between just one man and one woman.
Opposite truth: Even the Old Testament is rich with examples of polygamy and group marriage. History proves that marriage has chiefly been about property, alliances and power.
Right-wing evangelicals hate America because they have a rigid and inflexible view of the world and most Americans don’t live their lives that way. It is their way or the highway. Like a free-spirited and disobedient child, America frustrates those seeking a rigid, monotheistic, patriarchal, path for this country.
Do you sense a trend? Think of other issues the right lies about and listen carefully for arguments that go off the deep end. There is a calculated effort to say the exact opposite of what is happening. If Ronald Reagan can say that cars don’t cause pollution, but that trees do, you know we are in store for more whoppers.

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