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Letter: Gay couple supports Hendrix for mayor

By | 2018-01-16T16:17:00-05:00 July 14th, 2005|Opinions|

Dear BTL,
We the undersigned, black and white, middle-aged and older, long time partners and both residents of Detroit for decades, take exception with John Corvino’s earlier column in support of Sharon McPhail for mayor of Detroit (“Five reasons I’m supporting Sharon McPhail” from the March 7, 2005 issue of BTL). Why? The reasons are numerous and lengthy. However, we firmly support Freman Hendrix by no means because he’s not Kilpatrick or not McPhail. Simply put, Hendrix has ethics while McPhail and Kilpatrick have amply demonstrated their lack of ethics over the years in their current positions.
While Corvino cited five reasons why he supports McPhail, she does not have the best chance to beat Kilpatrick; rather, she’s a rehash of the same problems engendered by the current mayor. She may demonstrate an affinity to the gay/lesbian community; however, is it just for political expediency as Kilpatrick has shown when he changed tunes after the uproar over his earlier disingenuous comments about us? We’ve certainly not seen either distance themselves from the religious evangelicals that will send us to hell in a hand basket.
As a member of City Council, McPhail has shown herself to represent her limited, selfish interests because she does not support election of council members by district. Why must Detroit residents shop for a council member to address their concerns when a district representative would be compelled to? Also, she’s performed the City Council clown role with relish on a number of occasions as city TV has shown.
Interestingly, she continues to attack Hendrix’s former position with the interim school board. Yet, she conveniently omits the fact that the State of Michigan took over the school system because past board presidents such as David Sneed administered the schools with a motto of, “These are our children to fail.”
In closing, Freman Hendrix’s world vision for Detroit stretches much further than River Rouge.

Robert P. Thibodeau and Herbert Bruce

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