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Maybe little Ronnie cried one time too many. Or perhaps his father became suspicious of how often the three-year-old needed his diaper changed. Or, maybe, the toddler liked his stuffed animals better than he liked his toy trucks.
But that’s OK, because no one has to worry about whether or not little Ronnie is gay now – his father took care of that by beating him to death.
“What does it say about a society when you can murder your own infant for fear he might be gay?,” says Sean Kosofsky in this issue’s coverage of this tragedy.
Our question at BTL goes a step further. What does it say about our society when the anti-gay industry can say any ridiculous thing and receive front-page coverage, but the story of a child being abused to death by his father for being “gay” is covered only by the gay press and a few progressive blogs? Because, as of the deadline of this issue, not a single major news outlet has covered Ronnie’s death.
Here’s what we think. Perhaps the media aren’t covering Ronnie’s death because, if they did, they might have to start asking whether the anti-gay statements of George W. Bush and James Dobson and other right-wingers might have contributed to Ronnie’s father’s homopobia. They might even have to ask if their own coverage of their anti-gay rhetoric might be what pushed Ronnie’s father over the edge.
Then, they might have to confront the most frightening truth of all. No matter what they claim, the right-wing isn’t interested in protecting families, or keeping gays from having “special” rights.
No. If they can’t push us back in the closet, they will. And one child at a time is fine with them. Just ask Ronnie’s father.

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