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By Sean Kosofsky

I have had it. As someone who was raised Roman Catholic and benefited from Catholic school education, I am finally at the point where I am ready to tell my Catholic friends to abandon the church. I am tired of tempering my anger at the Vatican because other GLBT Catholics get defensive of their faith. I am not attacking Catholics, or the church per se. But, my Catholic friends, it is time to leave the church. Every other religious sect is progressing, but the Vatican is regressing. It is do or die time.
Pope Benedict XVI is a lighting rod of anti-gay venom. One touch, one bite and it could be lethal. This man is waging an inquisition on gays in the Catholic Church and he must be stopped. GLBT Catholics and their loved ones must leave the church or be ridiculed, humiliated, chastised, scapegoated and run out of town. Why? Not because gay Catholics have done anything wrong. But, because the church has been complicit in the molesting of thousands of young men for many years. Now they have been caught and convicted for their crimes and have had to pay out over $1 billion. The world is angry at them and instead of admitting blame and rooting out the problem or addressing the backwards and unhealthy restrictions on male priests, they are coming after the queers.
That’s right ladies and gentlemen, queers are to blame for the problem. Ignore the fact that if the pope gets his way, and bans gays from the priesthood, the Catholic Church would crumble to the ground. It would have the spiritual and emotional feel of a ghost town. I can see the tumbleweed rolling across the altars now. Imagine, every gay priest stripping their robes and tossing them to the ground and walking out. Imagine the spectacle of each GLBT congregant standing up, slamming their hymnals on their pews and singing “we shall overcome” as they march out of the church. The greatest spiritual walk-out of all time. Ahh what a beautiful sight that would be.
Imagine the Roman Catholic Church realizing what they have done and begging to have their music directors and youth group leaders back. Just imagine if we staged a sit-in or a work stoppage much like labor unions have done when they have been exploited and taken for granted by management.
This pope is wreaking havoc on the church. There may not be much left of it when this tyrant is done with his proclamations, witch hunts, exterminations and spiritual genocide. This cannot happen in 2005. We have come too far. Any GLBT Catholics that try to justify staying in the church are hurting themselves, the GLBT community and the Christian cause.
It is no secret that my own experience in the church was one of pain. I would not be alive today had I stayed in the Catholic Church. I left in order to survive the experience of being gay. I am not alone. There are others struggling, and crying in the dark hating themselves for being born gay.
Enough! No more tears and no more pain. The first step on the road to healing is to show the church that banning gay priests is not going to solve any problem, it will only create new problems and drive honestly underground or in the closet.
I fear for children in the church, whose parents may think the coast is clear. Look out. The bogeyman is behind the curtain, not in the closet.

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