LGBT car buyers put their trust in Lisa Harris and Bavarian BMW/Motor City MINI

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SHELBY TOWNSHIP – For the past ten years, Lisa Harris has made sure all new car buyers are treated with respect they deserve.
“That’s why I wanted to get into this business,” she said. “As a woman, I wasn’t always treated well at other auto dealerships. Some people still think if a woman comes in to buy a car, we just want to know the color and where the cup holder is.”
Harris’s knowledge and experience comes into sharp focus when she meets with her clients.
“I’ve sat in each chair in the dealership – in management, finance and sales,” she said. “I listen to your needs.”
Harris, who is a lesbian, said her dealership cares deeply about everyone who walks through their doors.
“This company is very gay-friendly,” she said.
Whether you’re interested in buying a new or pre-owned vehicle – or if you’re considering leasing, you’ll want to check out the Bavarian BMW/Motor City MINI dealership where Harris works.
BMW’s are reliable, safe and fun to drive, said Harris.
They also have a remarkable resale value.
“They are hot,” she said. “It’s a great feeling to get behind the wheel of a BMW.”
The dealership is also the place to pick up a new or pre-owned MINI Cooper, she said.
“People actually name their MINI’s,” she said. “It’s one of the hottest cars on the road.”
The day you pick up your new car will be an exciting experience – with Harris’ help.
“Everyone meets the service manager,” she said. “It’s like family here.”
Harris will walk you out to your new car, go through all of its features and detail how your vehicle operates, she said.
“Sometimes we’ll even do a test drive to make sure everything works properly,” she said.
When Harris bought her first car, the sales person threw her the keys and told her she could find it out in the lot.
“There was no gas in it,” she said. “I remembered that and thought if I ever get into a sales position, I would do things differently. Buying a car is the second largest purchase in a person’s life and it should be treated like that.”
Harris believes it’s important to educate buyers and help them find the best car for them to drive.
“When you come here to buy your car, it’s comfortable, you know what you will be getting and there’s no hidden secrets.”
It’s important to do all the research you can before you purchase your vehicle, she said.
“If there’s a pre-owned car you really like, you’ll want to make sure the sales person is willing to do a car fax. It’s a report you run to make sure a car hasn’t been in a major accident. I always say, for your own peace of mind get a service history on a car,” she said. “You’ll also want to check two or three car dealerships to make sure you’re getting a good price.”
Another decision you’ll have to make will be whether you want a new or pre-owned vehicle or if you want to lease your car.
“You have to work out what’s right for you,” she said.
Pre-owned cars must pass a rigorous assessment before they can be sold at Bavarian BMW/Motor City MINI.
“If it doesn’t pass the test we don’t keep the car,” she said. “We check all the mechanical aspects to make sure the car is safe and ready for our customers.”
Harris’ clients rely on her car savvy and her devotion to her customers.
“I love cars and I love people,” she said.

You can discover the best car for you, with Harris’ help, at Bavarian BMW/Motor City MINI, located at 45550 Dequindre Road in Shelby Township. Hours are from 9 a.m., to 9 p.m., on Mon., and Thurs.; from 9 a.m., to 6 p.m., on Tues., Weds., and Fri.; and from 9 a.m., to 4 p.m., on Sat. Call them at (248) 997-7700 or visit their webpage at on the Internet.

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