Mark Hurst likes ‘taking care of people’ at Stockbridge Ford

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STOCKBRIDGE – Unless you look at a map, Stockbridge may sound like a long drive to look at a new car.
Not so, said Mark Hurst.
Stockbridge is just fifteen minutes away from Chelsea, thirty minutes from Ann Arbor, and twenty minutes from Lansing, Hurst said. “Stockbridge sounds far away, but we’re not.”
For those who hesitate to drive further than around the block, Hurst offered another incentive for coming to Stockbridge, saying that his is not a “high pressure” dealership.
“We talk to you like you’re human beings,” he said. “If you want to take time to make a decision, that’s fine.”
And while you’re taking the time to make that five-digit decision you’ll also have a chance to hear Hurst’s stories of his time as an actor in the early 1980s.
“That was forever ago,” Hurst laughed. In addition to acting in shows in Burt Reynolds’ dinner theatre in Jupiter, Florida, (where he most loved acting in anything by Neil Simon) Hurst also enjoyed a few minutes on the silver screen.
“I had a bit part in a movie called “The Last Plane Out” – it’s at your favorite video store for ninety-nine cents.” He said. Overall, Hurst said of his time as an actor, “I just had a good time, met a lot of good people. It was nice. … I still love show business.”
However, show business didn’t hold him because “I didn’t have the passion for it – I wanted to make money. [Before making a living at acting] You have to live off family, friends, parents. I started selling cars at eighteen and never looked back,” he said.
Asked why he chose car sales, Hurst said, “Taking care of people is what I like to do-servicing people, making dreams and wishes come true. Gay people have a higher standard for service – they like things a little better and I try to make them better. We’re not the norm. We want what we want – we’re willing to pay for it, but we want value for our money. And we’re loyal.”
Hurst said that it’s important for LGBT people to use their spending power; not just economically, but politically as well.
“The almighty dollar is our strength. The only way we’re going to get anything moved in this political climate is our dollar,” he said.
In addition to using his business as an opportunity to advance LGBT equality, Hurst said he loves what he does because, “The best thing … is seeing somebody smile when they get the new car or truck that they wanted.”
Of Stockbridge, Hurst said that “Value is our biggest asset. We’re paying more for cars than we ever have in our life so we expect more from our cars – and our salespeople and our dealerships. Getting your needs met is very important. Because of the internet, your salesperson and your dealership have to be smarter, too.” Hurst added that, with all of the options that consumers have today to shop via the internet, and given today’s 24/7 sales environment, “If you have someone buy from you, with all of this, you’ve done you’re job.”
Mark Hurst can be reached toll free at 800-451-2936, ext. 18 or locally at 517-851-7035, ext. 18. Stockbridge Ford is located at 1009 S. Clinton St. in Stockbridge. Visit Open Monday – Saturday.

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