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Sarah Silverman can’t say that, can she?

By |2018-01-15T16:25:16-05:00November 24th, 2005|Entertainment|

“I don’t want to be labeled as straight or labeled as gay,” says comedian Sarah Silverman, “I just want people to see me as me: as white.”
And that’s one of the tamer jokes Silverman delivers in her new film “Jesus Is Magic,” which opens Friday. Most of them are more along the lines of this shocker: “When God gives you AIDS, and God does give you AIDS by the way, make lemonAIDS.”
Leave it to Silverman to take one of life’s most banal catch phrases and apply it to one of the world’s most horrible tragedies. For readers who are offended, just know she does this with the Holocaust, too.
For Silverman, nothing is sacred. She’s not afraid to shock, offend or disgust her audience. In “Jesus Is Magic” she ventures into topical waters most comics wouldn’t dare like midgets, rape, dying senior citizens, gays, anal sex, just about every ethnic group, teen pregnancy, 9-11 and, of course, Jesus (the tile of the film is taken from the punch line of a joke about inter-faith marriage). She also covers more familiar comedic territory like bodily functions, porn and dating, but she does so with a decidedly more twisted bent.
How does she get away with it, you ask?
Well, she’s cute. And that helps.
“I don’t care if you think I’m racist,” she says, “I just want you to think I’m thin.”
She’s also Jewish which has led to Lenny Bruce comparisons. It’s not a completely accurate comparison, though both have jokes about killing Christ. Like Bruce, Silverman has her finger on the pulse of what is f–cked up in America, and she’s not afraid to exploit it for laughs.
Part concert film, part sketch comedy, part musical, “Jesus Is Magic” is a Silverman showcase, a place for her to experiment and, at times, indulge her baser comic instincts. Not all of it is funny. The sketch comedy pieces are mostly gratuitous and overdone. The songs are a fun way to sugar coat bitter topics like racial stereotypes and mortality. She sings a song called “You’re Gonna Die Soon” to a group of old folks at a rest home. The song includes golden lines like, “It’s not cold in here, you’re just dying.”
But Silverman is at her best when she’s on stage in front of an audience.
“The best time to have a baby is when you’re a black teenager,” she says during her stand-up act.
Silverman’s jokes fall into the “funny because it’s so not funny” category. And she clearly subscribes to the old adage about humor: there’s truth behind every joke. Often that truth is ugly.
“I’m a comic with something to say,” she tells her audience in mock-seriousness. She then dubs her brand of comedy “learn-medy.”
“We refrain from making fun of people we’re afraid of,” she says.
Which can only mean that Silverman isn’t afraid of anybody.

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