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Bush in the crosshairs at ACLU dinner

By |2018-01-16T00:49:17-05:00November 24th, 2005|News|

DEARBORN – The recent attacks on civil liberties by the Bush administration were vigorously counterattacked from the podium at the American Civil Liberties Union Michigan Annual Dinner Nov. 19.
“ACLU members won’t sit down and won’t shut up,” said Jim Rodbard, president of the Michigan ACLU board, to the over 450 guests in attendance at the Hyatt Regency event. “That’s what I like about you.”
“I want to thank President Bush for bringing you all here this evening,” joked Kary Moss, the organization’s executive director. She went on to blast Bush for his threatened veto of the recently passed anti-torture legislation. “In his five years in office he has not vetoed one piece of legislation. No spending bill was too high, and no tax cut was too large. But now he is threatening to use his veto for the first time on this bill that would ban torture!”
Moss used her sharp rhetoric on Michigan’s Attorney General Mike Cox as well, highlighting his recent admission of an extramarital affair as evidence that his attacks on same-sex marriage are hypocritical.
“We’ve asked him [Cox] to reconsider his opinion that marriage is for only one man and one woman,” said Moss. “He has announced that he has reconsidered, and that he now thinks marriage is between a man, a woman, a mistress and the court house steps.”
Not all Republicans were maligned at the event, in fact two of the evening’s honorees were Republicans. Former Governor William Milliken and his wife, Helen, were recognized for their compassionate leadership and for their recent leadership in challenging a Michigan State Police data mining system that violated the privacy of citizens.
Jacqueline Washington, Wayne State University Board President, and David DiChiera, General Director of the Michigan Opera Theatre, were also recognized with awards from the ACLU. Actor and activist Danny Glover was the keynote speaker.
The LGBT community was well represented at the dinner. “It feels like an HRC event, there’s so many gay people here,” said Alan DeWolf, a community activist seated at one of the tables arranged by Howard Israel and Henry Grix.
About 25 percent of the tables filled with LGBT leaders and representatives.

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