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Dear BTL,
“Brokeback Mountain” is a depressing, self-loathing, you’re-gay-and-doomed with no other possibility story. I like the two stars and wanted to like this movie, but it plays like a film from the collaboration of the religious right and the Republicans. This movie is a throwback to films like “Boys In The Band” and “Cruising” that told you if you are gay then your only possibility is a life of isolation, misery, self-hatred, and violent death. I felt assaulted and insulted by this film. Despite the time context of this film, this story could be told in a much more balanced way. There were other possibilities in the 70s and 80s for gay men to love and live a happy life. It wasn’t easy, it never was and still isn’t, but this film kills all hope for today’s audience. If you want to see a film that tells a similar story where being gay can be a life of challenges, possibilities and ultimately okay, then see the French film “Just A Question Of Love.”
Gary Roberts,
Oak Park

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