Society’s prejudice isn’t morality

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I happened upon this article (“Hurting families because they’re gay: Kalamazoo Commissioner asks for an Attorney General opinion on DP benefits” from the Jan. 20, 2005 issue of BTL). I did a search for Wade Carlson. I was wondering what happened to him. I knew him, and he was a very dear friend. In fact, he and I took accounting together in college. I’m glad he has found someone he cares so deeply for, and I’m sure it hurts him to see how prejudiced people can be. The penalty for our society’s prejudices has nothing to do with morality, even though many would disagree. It hurts the soul of a being who has maintained a relationship with someone for over 20 years like Wade! How much must people pay for something nature dictates? They are creatures of God just like straights.
Liz Murray,
Chandler, AZ

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